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Bespoke Suits

At Su Misura Bespoke we offer three different types of bespoke suits to match three different price ranges.

Semi-Bespoke Suits

Our semi-bespoke suits offer a step into the world of bespoke tailoring without the full-bespoke price tag or time frame. Unique individual patterns are created with all our semi-bespoke suits and they are constructed with a handmade half canvassed inner body. We make our semi-bespoke suits using all the same English and Italian fabrics as we use for our Full Bespoke suits. Our semi-bespoke suits are finished off by machine rather than by hand  and without the intermediate baste fittings throughout the process. There are no limits in style choice for all our bespoke options, we can copy or tweak any design you wish.

This service is a great opportunity to move from the ready-to-wear or made to measure market and into the world of Bespoke Tailoring. With personal styling, fabric choice and detailed measurements, the fit of a semi-bespoke suit will blow any off-the-rack or made to measure suit out of the water.

Our semi-bespoke suits only require 1-2 fittings and the process usually takes around 6 weeks.


Our Semi-Bespoke suits start at $995

Full Bespoke Suits

Full Bespoke suits are the centerpiece of our business and it is what we have been doing better than anyone else with our eye for tailoring and detail. Each full bespoke garment is immaculately hand-cut, hand-sewn and hand-finished in our private workshop where each suit is made with a unique understanding of proportion, finesse, silhouette, and structure. The customer is not just fitted in their suit, a suit is molded to the customer’s figure to enhance the impression of their physique to achieve a flawless work of art.


Each individual pattern is cut in our Savile Row workshop, in England, from where the garment will be finished, in our overseas workshop, entirely by hand with each suit requiring a minimum 70 hours of handwork to complete. Our tailors provide the finest in construction, with a full floating canvass, intermediate fittings, and detailed hand finishing.  It is our dedication to the precise art of hand tailoring that allows each garment to achieve its unique balance of softness, richness and expressive silhouette. 


Our bespoke suits will require 3-4 fittings and the process usually takes around 8-10 weeks.


Our full bespoke suits start at $1,500.00

Savile Row Made Full Bespoke Suits

Savile Row, in England, is the birthplace of bespoke tailoring and has been termed the "golden mile" of custom tailoring.  The term "bespoke" originated on Savile Row when cloth for a suit was said to "be spoken for" by an individual customer. This short street in England has served many notable customers such as Prince Charles, Mick Jagger, Jude Law, Winston Churchill, Muhammad Ali, Laurence Olivier among others.


Su Misura Bespoke is proud to bring Savile Row tailoring to Canada by providing a service that offers a garment that is made entirely on Savile Row. As with our full-bespoke suits, the Savile Row service provides the finest in construction, with a full floating canvass, intermediate fittings, and detailed hand finishing. 


Our Savile Row bespoke suits start at $5,500.00