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The revival of menswear has meant that whether a man is looking to buy a single suit or an entire wardrobe, he has never had so many options. Unfortunately, that choice is often obscured by brands and their marketing when it comes to differentiating between bespoke, made-to-measure and ready-to-wear suiting. This difference is neither incidental nor arbitrary. It is crucial to the consideration that goes into buying a new suit, and can be tightly defined.

What is Bespoke

Bespoke involves creating a suit from the ground up. It can take any form, any shape, any material, and is entirely handmade by a master tailor.

The process begins with an initial discussion as to your needs: what type of suit you are after, your ideas on the style and cloth, and the ways and occasions you may have to wear it.

The tailor then takes your measurements with detailed notes that take into account aspects of posture and body shape that only a trained eye could notice.

A paper pattern is then drawn and cut using the measurements and notes as a guide. The cloth you’ve chosen is then cut using these patterns, and over the course of several fittings the fit is refined to the final product

Benefits of Bespoke

Superior fit: The biggest benefit of bespoke tailoring is the fit. A good bespoke suit should fit like nothing else. The jacket should hug your shoulders, create a clean back, and run in a sharp, flattering line from shoulder to waist. The perfect fit will also ensure the garment is more comfortable.

Longevity: The work that goes into everything from the lining of the waistband to the stitching of the pockets means the suit should last longer than anything mass-produced or made to measure. The handwork also makes it easier to adjust over time, and it will be adjusted by someone that has served you before and is familiar with your body and your style. Unlike a salesman who is likely to change every year.

Total Creative Control: Bespoke offers the opportunity to develop a truly individual garment, not just in shape but in material, detail and finishing. While your imagination is the only theoretical limit, a good tailor will also use their experience and sense of style to help guide you in pushing those boundaries without going too far